Author Jennifer King has written a book about beauty and vanity’s role in present day society. Her statement on the novel is below:

Statement of the novel: The Ugly Face of Beauty.

“Beauty, popularity, wealth and perfection, how does this fit into our everyday lives?

In today’s society people are plagued by perfection. Just looking at all the glitz and glamour advertised in shops, magazines, television and fashion shows portraying perfect images of models all made up to look a certain way is enough to make an ordinary person feel not good enough. Most teenagers are stressed out because they are not happy about the way they look and sometimes, this could lead to stress, anorexia, steroid use, plastic surgery, slimming aids and drugs, all in the name of vanity. Just how far will some people go in the name of Beauty?

The world has become fixated on beauty and glamour and teens feel it the most. They want recognition and acceptance and compliments. And if they can’t meet the expectations of others, then they are rejected, in a bad way. Cruel jokes and remarks, hate mail, ugly insults and much more which could lead to devastating results, like suicide, or sometimes become introverts living in an egg shell, afraid to step out in society where prying judgmental eyes are roaming looking to pounce on them because they don’t fit in or meet their expectations.

This book is a reality of what goes on in the minds of many who are beautiful, vain and flawless. It takes a hard look at beauty and the pain it can cause. What would you do if you lost your looks? Would you go down gracefully, or would you bring havoc upon your body to perfect it, no matter what the cost? And what about inner beauty, does that count? Are you judging people on their appearance, their outer shell? Beauty comes from within. One can never judge a book by its cover.

Beauty is a billion dollar thriving industry. Everyone wants to look their best, and that is good. However, beauty has become competitive, expensive and stressful. Who was the best, outstanding lady and who was the worst? The tabloids fuel the fire.

Vanity is a cruel game. Today you’re hot, tomorrow you’re not, because you had one off day and now you’re history.

Are we true to ourselves? Are people just living in fantasy land? What would you choose: health or beauty? You’d probably say, both, but we simply cannot have it all. People become jealous, envious full of rage, vengeful, and angry, when the spotlight fades from them and begins to shine on another. You’re so vain that you would go through the pain and then some … Are you just beautiful and nothing else? Are we programmed to think that beauty rules over everything else?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What appears to be unattractive to one person, may appear very beautiful to another person. God made us all beautiful, each person unique, and we should embrace our unique qualities, and physical features and be happy.

This is vanity at its worst, a real nightmare which will leave readers emotionally shocked. The moral of the story: Beauty is only skin deep.”

Anyone interested in learning more about The Ugly Face of Beauty may contact Ms. King at



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