Johannesburg South Africa

Bio: Jennifer King was born in South Africa, Durban and lived close to the sea. She has earned a diploma in creative writing, from The Writing School, Leisure Study Group International. She attended; The Pietermaritzburg Business College. Furthermore, she obtained a certificate for; English for Commerce from: The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations board. She now lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two daughters. Her aim is to continue to write and inspire readers. The Council for Culture and Recreation awarded Jennifer runner up actress in the National Drama Festival. Jennifer was a former Model, who owned her own Modelling School called Modern Walking. She formed a social club for young girls called; The Social Butterfly club. Writing was something that came naturally to me from a very young age. At age five, I was intrigued and fascinated by books and pen and wrote as often as I could. In the winter, I would spend hours sitting in the pantry writing, as the warm sun shone in through the window. While writing in the golden silence, I felt a magical presence, and from that time onward, I was inspired to follow my heart and write. My imagination had been steered, as the dazzerling bright sun shone down into the stillness of the little pantry, with its raze of sparkling light, I became a writer. And ever since then I've been writing. Magic is everywhere, grab it if you will. Interests I love to read and write and tell stories. Also love creating art and going on adventure, travelling to different places. And cooking a good meal.

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